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Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week by exploring current research in the field of human lactation. Click on the links below for full-text access to top-read Journal of Human Lactation articles*—free through August 31, 2013! Journal of Human Lactation

Read articles on breastfeeding support:

Breastfeeding and Telehealth

Breastfeeding Protection, Promotion, and Support in the United States: A Time to Nudge, a Time to Measure

Education and Support for Fathers Improves Breastfeeding Rates: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Impact of Male-Partner-Focused Interventions on Breastfeeding Initiation, Exclusivity, and Continuation

Provision of Support Strategies and Services: Results from an Internet-Based Survey of Community-Based Breastfeeding Counselors

Breastfeeding Duration in Relation to Child Care Arrangement and Participation in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

In addition to the themed articles, access the below top-read JHL articles for the latest research and practice in human lactation!

Expansion of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding into Neonatal Intensive Care: Expert Group Recommendations for Three Guiding Principles

Expansion of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding into Neonatal Intensive Care: Expert Group Recommendations

From Breast Milk to Brains: The Potential of Stem Cells in Human Milk

Effect of Early Skin-to-Skin Mother—Infant Contact During the First 3 Hours Following Birth on Exclusive Breastfeeding During the Maternity Hospital Stay

Intermittent Kangaroo Mother Care: A NICU Protocol

Understanding the Experiences of Mothers Who Are Breastfeeding an Infant with Tongue-Tie: A Phenomenological Study

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